A New Agitation of Nations

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Robert Owen's Millenial Gazette, No. 3 (May 1, 1856), 10-12.


This system will be

Without human-made laws.

Without despotic power for evil.

Without priests, lawyers, medical men, or military men.

Without a class to endeavour to buy cheap and sell dear.

Without money, a monied class, or any artificial circulating medium.

Without competition or contests for wealth, or for worldly honors, or for individual privileges.

Without a desire for individual distinctions of any kind.

Without slavery or servitude.

Without inequality of education, condition, or treatment.

Without any personal distinctions, except those created by age and by the varieties of natural capacity.

Without ignorance, pauperism, poverty, or the fear of poverty.

Without crime, or fear of human punishment

Without anger, hatred, violence, jealousy, or any evil or inferior passion.

Without repulsive feelings, or disunion between man and man.

Without an inferior class.

Without physical or mental disease, or the fear of death.

Without the fear of hell or the devil.

Without any slavish or unpleasant fear of God.

Without, ultimately, one bad or inferior character.

Without the want of charity and kindness in any one, for all of our race.

Without human-made laws.

Without religious differences, hatreds, or wars.

Without civil or national wars.

Without standing armies, or navies for war.

Without difference of opinions creating a difference of feeling between individuals or nations.

Without a variety of languages.

Without inferior dwellings.

Without inferior clothing or furniture.

Without inferior surroundings in any of the departments of life. Without inferior training or educating, to give inferior habits, manners, or conduct, to any one.

Without obstructions to prevent society giving a good and superior physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and practical character, before and from birth, to all.

Without the causes of evil.

Without misery or suffering, except from unavoidable accidents.

Without custom-houses, passports, or hindrances of any kind to prevent travelling freely over the earth.

Without any one being excluded from any part of the earth.

Without human-made bondage of any kind.

Without falsehood, in look, word, or action.

Without secrecy of any kind in withholding knowledge.

Without the few holding power for evil over the many

Without merit or demerit for any conscientious belief.

Without merit or demerit for loving or disliking, persons or things.

Without any one having any right over the opinions or conscience of another.

Without interference with individual rights.

Without any parties claiming an individual right to air, earth, or water, to the exclusion of others, equally entitled by nature to the natural use of them.

Without cities, towns, villages, isolated dwellings, streets, lanes, courts, or alleys.

Without other arrangements than social family commonwealths, —national commonwealths,—and the great nationally united commonwealth of the world.

Without individual selfishness.

Without social family-commonwealth selfishness.

Without national commonwealth selfishness.

Without selfishness in the united commonwealth of the world.

Without private property or any desire for it.

Without limited national territories.

Without individual independence being interfered with, except so far as is unavoidable in a well-regulated society living in peace and harmony.

Without celibacy;—it being contrary to the laws of God.

Without artificial or unnatural human-made marriages.

Without unnatural children, which are consequent on unnatural marriages.

Without prostitution;—which is an unavoidable result produced by unnatural marriages.

Without unchaste desires;—which will be effected by the sexes always uniting according to their God-made natural affinities.

Without one sex depending upon another, except for mutual affection and social aid.

Without disappointment of the affections.

This new system for the government of man will attain and secure the preceding results, by forming the character of all, from birth, on a newly developed true principle, and placing all within new surroundings, emanating from that true principle, these proceedings will constitute a system of Prevention of Evil, for the permanent government of the human race,—a system which, in fact, will give the full use of the world to each individual, so fur as he can enjoy it, when made fruitful and beautiful, and when the character of his fellows has been made good, wise and happy.

Thus, ultimately, and at no very distant day, will society over the earth be without ignorance, poverty, disunion, falsehood, crime, or misery; but all will be surrounded from birth by new conditions, which must make all to become, in two or three generations, good, wise, united, healthy, prosperous in all worldly matters, and progressively increasing through every generation in excellence and happiness.

There is nothing, stated in this article which may not be easily attained in practice by basing society on its true fundamental principle, and making the surroundings in accordance with that principle.

A thousand petty objections be made by petty-formed minds, who are without knowledge of the laws of nature, or of what is or is not possible in practice. But the opinions of such individuals will be disregarded by the advanced minds and experienced men in the largest operations under the existing system.

Chemical discoveries and mechanical inventions, rightly applied, are already far more than society requires for its permanent happiness, and they can be increased without limitation.

The ultimate true division of the population of the world, and form of society, to insure the greatest amount of excellence and happiness to all, will be into divisions not exceeding three thousand souls, united in social family commonwealths, and these to be federatively united over the world.

This change to be gradually effected by means to be attained; which will be explained in the succeeding articles.

The social family commonwealths are adopted because they alone admit of the surroundings necessary to secure the happiness of the human race.