A Subject for The Human Improvement Society

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A Subject for "The Human Improvement Society."

"Let us discuss," said the Clergyman, "the origin of sin among the lower classes."

"Rescue work among Fiji Magdalens," said the Missionary.

"Or," interrupted the Professor, "the ratio of wages to the price of pate de fois gras."

"Rather the doctrine of Antinomianism," said the Theologian.

Said the Philanthropist: "The care of superannuated, delinquent one-legged women is a profitable subject."

"Let us discuss the Monopoly of Land," said the Demagog. The Missionary said " that was flying in the face of Providence." The Clergyman said "he had to go to a meeting for the suppression of vice among the poor." The Theologian looked at his watch. The Philanthropist had a chill, and the Professor said that a man had fallen among thieves, and he must observe and pass by on the other side. And they went out one by one. Said the Scientist: "The consideration of Degeneracy and Cretinism is more comforting to those on top —to the upper classes I mean."

  • Bolton Hall, “A Subject for ‘The Human Improvement Society’,” The Independent 53, no. 2734 (April 25, 1901): 950.