A Sullen Child

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Bolton Hall. "A Sullen Child".

Publication history

  • The Game of Life
  • The Public November 17, 1906 p. 780.
  • Bolton Hall, “A Sullen Child,” The Independent 53, no. 2734 (April 25, 1901): 951.


THE little girl screamed with excitement: "Now it's my turn; now it's my turn! " Just then Papa came in and kissed both children. "How's my little Dotty?" he said, as he lifted her out of the game and set her on his knee. Dotty only looked longingly at Brother, who after a pause toddled silently away.

Then Papa began to tell me about his book, while two big tears trailed down the little prisoner's cheek. In a minute a stifled sob. Papa noticed this. He leaned over and kissed her. "Be good, Dotty," he said. Dotty whimpered. "Dotty, if you don't stop crying—Here, Mary, take this child upstairs. You can't come down again, Dotty, until you're good." "Well, as I was saying," Papa went on, "my thesis is that the consent of the Governed is the foundation——"

But I heard only the Baby's wailing, through the open door.