A Ten Thousand Dollar Prize

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A Ten Thousand Dollar Prize.

Mr. Henry L. Fitch, of San Francisco, has offered a prize of ten thousand dollars for the best treatise on the proposed Pacific and Atlantic Railway—the work to be written in simple and lucid style, and embrace the most thorough and exact treatment of the subject in all its bearings. Mi Fitch names a committee to meet at Washington on the 15th day of November next; and the manuscripts are to be sent to S. P. Andrews, New York City before the 1st of November, 1&53.

The above we take from an exchange.— We are not acquainted with any of the particulars, but as it has floated about considerably, we must say that we consider it a rare phenomenon. Who is this.benevolent gentleman, Mr. Henry L. Fitch, of San Francisco who offers such a prize for a railroad treatise, and who is this S. P. Andrews?

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