A True God

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Bolton Hall. "A True God".

Publication history


THERE was a man that hewed for himself out of the living rock, not a god, but the image of a god, and set it upon a pedestal, even as you and I. Then he cried to it: but it was a wise god and therefore answered nothing; then the man smote his god and it fell from the pedestal and was broken. The man said, " It was nothing after all but a harder clay than I."

Yet the god lay so still that the man heard all the things that the god had not said (the man was a woman), and he feared his god, so he broke it into little pieces and trampled on it. Still the stones cried out against him, till the man cast them into the fire that they might be destroyed, and behold! from the melted stone there flowed a little stream of gold.


So shall every man see the soul of his lost ideals and know that the name of it is god.