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Bolton Hall. "All Satisfied."

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A LABOURER'S Boss quarrelled with a journeyman. The Boss kindly offered the foreman five dollars to fight the journeyman. The foreman grabbed the labourer's coat to wrap around his arm. "This is a righteous war," said the foreman." Here have I made five dollars by it already."

In the fight the coat was torn to shreds. So the Boss paid the labourer five dollars for the coat. "See," said the labourer, "what a good thing for me is war! Here have I got a big price for my coat, and a Dutch Sweater has found employment making another."

Though he got his jaw broken in the fight, the foreman finally thrashed the journeyman. The gratified foreman and the patriotic Boss voted twenty dollars (out of the shop wages) to pay the expenses of the fight and a pension for the foreman.

Their Representative charged ten dollars for collecting the tax from the foreman and the labourer. "See," said their Representative, "what a good thing for me is war." The foreman did not answer, for his jaw was broken.

"Me, too!" said the Boss.

"It's a fat thing for me," said the Dutchman.

"Um," said the labourer. "My wits were a fat thing, too!"