An Ocean Prayer

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An Ocean Prayer.

I pray to the Ocean, salt and grand,
To send me a woman to mate my mind,
To be my sea as I her land,
A world together with heaven to bind.
An ocean-woman of kindred thought,
With brain-waves beating with mine in rhyme,
And a Gulf-Stream heart of love, full-fraught,
Glowing to warm my mental clime.
Bathing my coasts in a beautiful sea,
Cleansing, caressing, cheering me on,
With deep proud tides of sympathy
For the work I do, that I have done.
A woman indeed, whose sea-like soul
Flows 'round the world in a wide embrace,
With great-heart billows that break and roll
On every shore of the human race.
Whose generous stream holds every keel,
And mirrors the glory of every sky,
Whose depths go down to think and feel
As deep as my peaks rise heavenward high.
O beautiful Ocean, salt and strong,
Mother and lover of every shore,
Send me this woman for whom I long,
That my lonely brain may thirst no more.

J. William Lloyd.

  • J. William Lloyd, “An Ocean Prayer,” Free Society 10, no. 23 (June 7, 1903): 1.