Analytic Table of Cuckoldage

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Analytic Table of Cuckoldage

Charles Fourier

[excerpts; full translation in progress]

Nº 4. The martial or swaggering cuckold, by frightening threats against the gallants, believes himself sheltered from their enterprises, and yet wears the horns, all while flattering himself that he has escaped by the fear that he ostensibly spreads. He is ordinarily cuckolded by one of those who applaud his saber-ratting, and assure him that he alone knows how to watch over his household.

Nº 12. The absorbed cuckold is constantly distanced by the torrent of affairs from the spouse to whom he can give no care; he is forced to close his eyes to those cares rendered by a discrete family friend.

Nº 76. The resting or quietist cuckold has a wife so ugly that neither he nor anyone else suspects she could have found a taker: she enjoys that much more peacefully the gallant that she has found, either by her liberalities, or because of the caprice of some men passionate for ugly women.