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Charles Sumner visits the Greenes in Paris, 1857

Edward Lillie Pearce, Charles Sumner. Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner, Vol. III, 1845-1860. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1894.

"March 26 [1857]. Wrote letters home ; visited the Invalides, and saw the new tomb of Napoleon ; then visited Mr. William B. Greene and his most intelligent wife, living off beyond the Luxembourg; saw something of that quarter ; then dined with Elliot C. Cowdin, a merchant here, once connected with the Mercantile Library Association [of Boston], — the first time I have met company at dinner for ten months ; then to the Italian opera, where I heard the last part of ' Il Barbiere di Siviglia.' " [page 530]

[another entry, p. 531, March 31, obscured in available copy, probably reads: "Din[ed with Mr. and Mrs.] Greene at their lodgings, beyond the Luxembourg.]

Lilian Freeman Clarke visits Anna Greene in Paris, 1882

James Freeman Clarke. Autobiography, Diary and Correspondence. Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin, and Co., 1889. 369.

LONDON, May 29,1882.

Our voyage was rather long, cold, foggy and disagreeble, and we were glad last Thursday morning to be at Liverpool, where we took a train at once for London. Lilian joined us Friday evening, coming from Paris, where she has had a pleasant time with Mrs. William B. Greene and Ellen Hale.

Yesterday (Whitsunday) we four went to Hampstead, where I preached for Dr. Sadler, a fine old gentleman, in a very pleasant, picturesque English chapel.

Hampstead is lovely, half city and half country. We went, after church, to dine with Professor J. Estlin Carpenter. His father, Dr. William B. Carpenter, was present, and was very agreeable, talking about Darwin, Carlyle, and many others whom he had known.


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  • "Local Matters About Town." Boston Daily Advertiser, (Boston, MA) Monday, October 11, 1869; Issue 87; col G
"A special meeting of the Tailoresses’ Protective Union was held Saturday evening at the Workingwomen’s Hall, 815 Washington street, the president, Mrs. Bailey, in the chair. The object was to meet the piece masters and arrange a bill of prices with them, but no piece masters appeared, and the time was occupied with speeches by Messrs. C. L. Woodbury, Wm. B. Greene, Benjamin F. Russell, the president and secretary of the meeting, and several others. "