Chicago Anarchists

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Chicago Anarchists.

[Lysander Spooner, as "O"]

The Chicago "Tribune" of November 27 says that Chief Justice Scott (of the Supreme Court of Illinois) has granted a supersedeas in the case of the Anarchists, upon the ground:

That in criminal cases, the law imposes on the courts a solemn and responsible duty to see that no injustice is done by hasty action, passion, or prejudice, or from any other cause.

The Boston "Daily Advertiser" of November 29 has a long editorial to show that, if a new trial should be had, there is no reasonable ground to expect that the Anarchists will be convicted.

These things indicate that trial and conviction by newspapers is not perfectly certain to insure the hanging of innocent men.

There will, of course, be great mourning among the newspapers, but we hope their grief will be assuaged by time. o.

  • Lysander Spooner, “Chicago Anarchists,” Liberty 4, no. 12 (December 11, 1886): 5.