Création de l'ordre dans l'humanité/309

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social system and all that it renferme, worship, war, commerce, sciences and arts, etc., is really determined and constitutes itself after the laws of organization that we have decrites, or if it is in contradiction with them. The result of that study will be to dresser the topography of the movements of humanity, and to recognize to what degree of its development civilization, by virtue of its own energy and its providential laws, is today parvenue. Society is en creation of order: from the first day, it has traced a sillon that we cannot abandon with impunity, and of which it is necessary to calculate the direction and the terme, if we want to continue without failing the work begun by us under the very inspiration of God. I do no have garde to want, in the pages that will follow, reprendre the task of the illustrious writer that I have cited earlier, mucch less still ti show him what he should have done: I only want pour le besoin of my thesis, equisser in traits rapide the second side of an interesting history. 470. The form of society at its origin is the Tribe, that is an undifferentiated, identical agglomeration, without series. A peine if the importance of some chiefs allow entrevoir the first lineaments of the collective being, a royalty, a senate. No division in labor: each produced all by himself, all for himself: polygamy is at the heart of the family; nothing of the social trahit the individuality of the man. 471. Little by little, the tribe, arretee by its own number, made its camp on the bank of a river, at the fond of a gorge, on the versant of a mountain, and attached itself to the soil by culture: it has a central place and des metaires alentour. Aussitot the individual life takes its essor, and at almost the same time the principal/first orders of functionaries appear, each in its specialty and its dignity, juxta genus suum et speciem suam: the King, the Priest, the Warrior, the Laborer or Berger, the Artisan, the Merchant and the Slave. Add, selon the situation du lieu, the Pecheur or Marin. Thus, the division of labor works at the beginning by the determination of seven or eight great categories, embracing in their sphere all the future functions. To follow the evolutif movement of the categories, to recognize their character and tendencies, as one le verra, to constitute society, it is to organize labor. 472. A peine separees, the primigenes functions s'immatriculent in certain families, of which they become the apanage; from that the castes, that obe fibds wherever society has made the first