Death of John Beverley Robinson

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Death of John Beverley Robinson.

Our American comrade John Beverley Robinson died suddenly of heart disease, on November 12, at his home in St. Louis. He had been a persistent propagandist since the '80's, and although seventy years of age he was as keen as ever. He was a staunch admirer of Proudhon, and in his "Economics of Liberty" he gave a statement of the Frenchman's system of social organisation. A few years ago he translated Proudhon's "General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century," and, failing to find a publisher in the States, he arranged that we should publish it, and provided the greater part of the money for printing the book. We sent him an early copy a few weeks before his death, and he wrote us saying how pleased he was with its appearance, and was planning an advertising campaign for it. On another page we print an article on "Egoism" which he wrote for Reedy's Mirror some years ago. He was well known as an architect, and for several years was head of the school of architecture at Washington University.

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