Does God Ever Think Twice?

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Benjamin Ricketson Tucker


To the Editor of The New Freewoman.


Drumont, the Anti-Semite, lamenting the decline of the French army, declares, in his journal, La Libre Parole, that France should have assumed the offensive between 1876 and 1896, when her army was at its best, and taken back Alsace, Lorraine, and the war indemnity. "When a country," he says, "has made enormous sacrifices to re-establish its army, when this army is ready, and when the country knows what it wants, it passes at once to brutal action, and God does the rest in favour of the right." But in 1870 had not Germany made great sacrifices to perfect her military power? Was not her army ready? Did not Bismarck know precisely what he wanted, and pass at once to the brutal action? And did not God render His verdict "in favour of the right"? Does Drumont, then, expect Omniscience to plead guilty of error, and reverse its judgment in the light of "a sober second thought"?

Benj. R. Tucker.

  • Benjamin R. Tucker, “Does God Ever Think Twice?,” The New Freewoman 1, no. 2 (July 1, 1913): 37.