Economy in Library Binding

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Editor of Books.

Dear Sir: — I am making arrangements to start a publishing concern for the especial purpose of publishing books suitable for library use. These books will be printed from good, clear type on a strong, flexible linen-texture paper. They will be strongly sewed on tape or parchment and bound in an imported linen cover, with smooth surface, or in half leather. They will be of as nearly the same height as may be convenient, and will be bound in similar style. Full catalog entries will be printed on the fly-leaf, in convenient size for mounting on library bureau catalog-cards or for use in a Rudolph indexer. Great attention will be given to every detail that will help to make them suitable for library purposes.

I submit this plan to your readers, in the hope that I may gain some suggestions from them, and that the members of the library profession may give me some assurance of their co-operation, before I embark in a plan which involves so much capital.

Yours respectfully,

Francis D. Tandy.

Source: Francis D Tandy, “Economy in Library Binding,” Books 3, no. 8-9 (August-September 1893): 143.