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  • "Ancient Wisdom Explained" is the title of a series of pamphlets comprising a six months' correspondence course of twelve lessons, "linking the golden age of the past with the golden age of the future." Three have appeared. They are written by Estelle Bachman, and are published by the Bachman-Brokaw Publishing House, Sta. A, Pasadena, Cal., being sold at 25 cts. each. These lessons appear to be based on the writings of Isaac Newton Vail, author of "Earth's Annular System," "The Misread Record" (an explanation of the Deluge), and similar books. Mrs. Bachman has a facile, yet well condensed literary style which makes easy reading; but there is a lack of proof regarding unfamiliar propositions which subjects the lessons to fair criticism. As an example of unsupported assertions we quote: "We know from the records of 'blood rains' and 'dust showers,' in which many species of life have been found that are not known on earth, that life can exist in interplanatary space." Perceptive truth-seekers, however, do not like to be called upon for proofs and for logic; and it is to be admitted that perception sometimes reveals truths which ordinary reason fails to discover. (The Public, 9, 418 (April 7, 1906) 23.)