Forest Leaves in Bags for Winter Packing Material

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Forest Leaves in Bags for Winter Packing Material

I don't see why, in all that is said about materials for packing, we do not hear more of forest leaves (or any other material) in burlap bags. The bags of leaves can be put into any place in the fall, taken off at whatever time there is occasion for inspection, and removed when desired the next spring, all without scattering any of the leaves into a place where they don't belong. A bag loosely filled will pack into any place where an equal quantity of loose leaves would go; or if a few bags are filled tightly, and put on all sides of a hive, having the crevices between the rounded bags filled with loose leaves, the thinnest-walled cracker-box may be made into so warm a skep that the bees will not know whether it is warm or cold.

Ballard Vale, Mass. Steven T. Byington.