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From Speakers and the Writers of Books

Conservatism, I believe, is mainly due to want of imagination.

— Grant Allen.

The arts are democratic. They speak a universal language.

— Sidney H. Morse.

That saying is true, that the moral controls the intellectual.— Dean Murray, Princeton.

The thoughtful know that charity corrupts and debases, and that finally it is no remedy. — William D. Howells.

In the doing of even a poor thing much good is done if one has wrought with an ideal aim.—Sidney H. Morse.

Every art is a letter of introduction to mankind. You might travel to the farthest star and find your welcome if you speak some of these universal languages. —Sidney H. Morse.

Most imaginative people are radical, for even a bad man may sometimes uphold the side of right because he has intelligence enough to understand that things might be better managed in the future for all than they are in the present. — Grant Allen.

Since I cannot relieve the wrong I see, I have learned often to shut my eyes to it, with the effect, which most Americans experience, that, since there seems to be no way of righting the wrong, the wrong must be a sort of right. — William D. Howells.

To make better citizens and nobler men, to extinguish ignorance, disorder and crime, in the wisd im that comes of knowledge and an enlightened conscience—for this your academy and all your schools were founded, for this those schools should be evermore munificently maintained.—George William Curtis.

The upper classes are at least used to the political sway of the lower classes, and when they realize that they can never have any hope but in bettering the lot of their rulers, the end will not be far off, for it will then be seen that this can be lastingly done only through a change of the economic conditions.— William D. Howells.

There are rich men who go to church every' Sunday and pray fervently to be saved, yet bring the blood of innocent children upon their heads by overworking and underpaying them. There is no wrong that strikes so deeply into my heart as this wrong. Give us better homes, less hours of work and better wages, and capital will benefit to an equal extent with us.— President Gompers.

In their school "systems the Americans are in every way superior to the Germans, most notably in teaching languages, drawing and modeling. It is surprising what a command of language the American school children have. German teachers dwell too much upon style, while American teachers aim to give the children a command of diction. —Professor Waetzold, German School Commissioner to the Chicago Fair.

It has never been more needful that Liberals should stand shoulder to shoulder. The party is about to enter a great struggle from which it will finally emerge victorious. Is it this

Nation's will to be controlled by the representatives of the people or by a chamber representing nothing but a selfish class ? I especially regret the recent action of the Bishops. " Property! Property!" has"been the chant of the Lords Temporal, and " Amen " has been the response of the Lords Spiritual. Lord Salisbury has thrown down the gage of battle. The Government will not shrink from the conflict. It is the business of the Liberals to convince the Lords that the people will not allow them longer to override the people's will.— William Vernon Harcourt.