Grief, And The End Of Grief

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HE knew injustice had been done. The world looks very dark when one is only six and injustice has been done.

Therefore, he rested his curly head upon his chubby hands, just as once he saw his mother do. He shook with sobs, and the tears ran down his little nose and fell upon the dusty ground. And in the dust they made a dark, round hole, just like the evil world. But overhead the light clouds drifted and the bright sun shone.

A little ant toiled through the hills of sand; and, when it reached the tear-wet spot, its burden slipped into the hole. The ant rolled after it; and a tiny, dusty land-slide followed it.

The child had pity on the ant, and got a little straw to help it out. He brushed the sand into the hole; and the insect took its burden up again, and walked its rugged way.

The sun dried up the tear-wet dust. The child's sobs ceased, for he was comforted; and he looked up, and saw the sun.

The world looks very bright when one is only six, and kindness has been done.