Henry Edger

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Henry Edger (sometimes spelled Edgar) was an American Comtean positivist and one of the settlers at Modern Times, New York.



  • Modern Times, the Labor Question, and the Family. New York, Calvin Blanchard [ca. 1855].
  • The positivist calendar: or, Transitional system of public commemoration instituted by Augustus Comte, founder of the positive religion of humanity. : With a brief exposition of religious positivism; and an appendix, containing I. A concordance of the calendars, II. The positivist library, and III. Narrative of the rise and progress of positivism. [Thompson, N.Y.] : Published by the author, Modern Times (Thompson,) L.I., The 68th year of the great crisis. (1856)
  • Modern Times Lectures : first course. New York : Scobell & Dack, printers, 1862.
  • The positive community : glimpse of the regenerated future of the human race. L.I. : Modern Times (Thompson), 1864.
  • Auguste Comte and the middle ages: a lecture given before a private circle in the city of Pozsony (Presbourg) on Saturday 24 Guttemberg 97 (5 September 1885) Pozsony, Printed for the author; Brooklyn, N.Y., P.J. Popoff [1885?]
  • The universal league of religion series of systematic letters to a faithful and devoted disciple in a rural village of Ohio, United States of America. Versailles : Fund, 1888.