Individuality (Labadie)

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For the Public
I, the Individual, am unit of all things;
Figure 1 of the universal multiplication table;
Atom, without which naught could be;
Habitant of the earth, of the moon, of the stars— citizen of the cosmos;
On the wing from whence to whither.
A son of the glorious sun;
Brother of the sea and of the land and of the air,
And of the quick of the air of the land and of the sea;
Kin to the mountains, valleys, forests and deserts;
Cog in the wheels of the universe, fitting other cogs to make the whole go round.
The rain is my tears,
The gray day my gloom,
The sunshine my smile,
The thunder my threat,
The raging storm my wrath,
The zephyrs and the calm and the warmth my moods of love;
And my savagery the cold-hearted snow,
The iron-fisted ice,
The frown-fronted frost,
The ruthless glacier grinding the world to evolutionary grist.
I am no greater than a pismire, no less than a whirling sphere:
Am as rough as the Alps, smooth as water at rest,
Unrelenting and resistless as the tides,
Kind and forgiving as a sister of charity.
I am unlike anything else in the world, make up the world;
And who takes no account of me leaves all else out.
In my realm I am sovereign—king in a democracy of kings!

Source: The Public, XI (Nov 6, 1908), p. 760.