Limiting Jurisdiction

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Steven T. Byington

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Before voting on the proposed amendment to article i, section 1. of the constitution, it will hurt nobody to reread that part of President Lynch's report which is printed under the heading "Give Every Follower of the Art an Opportunity to 'Unionize'," on page 12 of the convention report.

Men who are incompetent for their own work should be shut out on the ground of incompetency; but if the union shuts out any man who is competent in his particular branch and is not an enemy of the union, when his work properly belongs to the printing business and does not come under the jurisdiction of any other union, the union is weakening itself. At least I so believe.

Steven T. Byington.

  • Steven T. Byington, “Limiting Jurisdiction,” The Typographical Journal 21, no. 7 (October 1, 1902): 302.