Moses Harman (poem)

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J. William Lloyd

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A proud thing this, that these mine ears have heard--
A friend of mine, a simple childlike man,
Hath been elected from us all, by ban,
To speak by gags the never silent word,
To write with shattered pen a truth to gird
Up freemen's loins till swiftly they have ran
And told the Earth and Tyranny turns wan
At quick white fire, in fettered hearts upstirred.
A proud thing this, indeed, O friend of mine,
That blows, barren of force to beat thee back,
Should drive thee on a million miles upon
Thy destined course. Because thou art supine.
These fools forget that now themselves, alack?
Uphold thy bannered legend to the sun.
J. William Lloyd.

  • J. William Lloyd, “Moses Harman,” Liberty 7, no. 2 (April 24, 1890): 1.