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11, 1

Freedom's Patriot 417 Ernest Howard Crosby Observations and Comments 418 Danger First 425 Robert Minor My Arrest and Preliminary Hearing Emma Goldman 426 Two Heroines of The Revolution Max Baginski 431 David Caplan 447 Emma Goldman Come To Jesus! 448 Theodore Wigand David Ingar 452 Two Attitudes 453 Pierre Chardon In Memoriam of Philip Hoffeler 457

11, 2

The Mothers of the Race 449 Moses Harman An Urgent Appeal to My Friends 450 E. G. The Historical Side of the Birth Control Movement 451 Leonard D. Abbott Carnegie Hall Speech of Dr. Wm. J. Robinson 457 Carnegie Hall Speech of Dr. A. L. Goldwater 460 Carnegie Hall Speech of Theodore Schroeder 463 Date of Miss Goldman's Trial 467 The Social Aspects of Birth Control 468 Emma Goldman Birth Control A Mother of Seven Children 475 The Crowbar vs. Words 479 Reb. Raney A Human Document 480 G. The Carnegie Hall Meeting 483 Harold Titus One More Plea For David Caplan 487 Emma Goldman America and Mexico 488 W. C. Owen The Arrest of the Magon Brothers 491 E. Pinchon A Letter from Margaret Sanger 492 Books on Socialism M. B. 494

11, 3

The Voices of the Unborn 495 C. E. S. Wood Emma Goldman Before the Bar 496 Reflections on Emma Goldman's Trial Leonard D. Abbott 504 "Pinched" 507 Ben. L. Reitman, M. D. Observations and Comments 509 Emma Goldman in Washington Anna W. 515 The Free Speech and Birth Control Dinner Robert Morris 518 Protest of Forty San Francisco Women 521 Emma Goldman in Jail 523 The Manager Welcome to Emma Goldman at Carnegie Hall 525

11, 4

Observations and Comments 497 To Delinquent Subscribers 503 A Paean to Freedom 504 Padraic H. Pearse On the Death of James Connolly and Francis Sheehy-Skeffington 505 Padraic Colum Ben L. Reitman Before the Bar, May 8th, 1916 508 To My Friends, Old and New 516 Emma Goldman An Appeal in Behalf of the Magons 521 The Second Carnegie Hall Meeting 522 Birth Control Demonstration on Union Square 525

11, 5

"Vengeance" S29 Ben L. Reitman Observations and Comments 530 Brutal Reaction in Footsteps of War 536 Mr. Bolton Hall's Case 538 The Great American Scapegoat C. E. S. Wood 539 The Echo from Erin 542 W. S. Van Valkenburgh Situation in England 544 Tom Mann Through the Bars 546 Ben L. Reitman Meetings in Cleveland and Denver 549 R. G.—Ellen A. Kennan A Poet's Tragic Fate 551 Letter from Enrique Magon 556 The Mighty Police Constable in India Ram Chandra 558

11, 6

I Sit and Look Out 561 Walt Whitman Observations and Comments 562 Good Prospects for Anti-Militarism 568 Address of Enrique Magon in Federal Court 570 Woman and Property 578 Mary Wollstonecraft Speech after Release from Prison 581 Ben L. Reitman Stray Thoughts 587 Emma Goldman Emma Goldman has been in Los Angeles 590 N. T. C.

11, 7

  • B. W. Ball, “The Revolution,” Mother Earth 11, no. 7 (September, 1916): 593.

Observations and Comments 594 Planning Judicial Murder 597 Alexander Berkman Law and Its Lies 604 Leo Tolstoy The San Francisco Bomb 608 Robert Minor Death Penalty for Strikers 612 Enrique Flores Magon Stray Thoughts 615 Emma Goldman Emma Goldman in Portland 622 Daisy D. Ross

11, 8

11, 9

Freedom in America 657 Walter Crane Observations and Comments 658 Labor's Inferno in the Law Courts 664 Back to New York 668 Alexander Berkman Again the Birth Control Agitation 669 Emma Goldman The Return of the Heroes 672 W. S. Van Valkenburgh My First Impressions 674 Enrique Flores Magon Anarchist Morality 675 Peter Kropotkin What Will You Do? 682 James Gilday The Grain that was Like an Egg 685 Leo Tolstoy

11, 10

Exceptional Offer Observations and Comments Government by Murderous Vigilantes From the Field of the Social War Minnie Rimer Life and Death Struggle in San Francisco Alexander Berkman 698 The Petty Discrimination of the Law Emma Goldman 701 The Warfare (Poem) 703 I. G. Blanchard So that All May Know 704 706 707 Harrison George The Nemesis of Remorse W. S. Van Valkenburgh To Our New York Friends—Propaganda Work Emma Goldman Anarchist Morality (Continued) Peter Kropotkin 710 718 Review of Books M. B.

11, 11

  • Anselme Bellegarge [sic], “The Difference,” Mother Earth 11, no. 7 (September 1917): 624.

11, 12

To Birth Control 753 Fred A. Pease Observations and Comments 754 Teaching Liberty to Santo Domingo 759 The Cleveland Myth 761 Ben L. Reitman Anarchism on Trial in San Francisco 766 The Fallacies of War 770 Don To the Gentlemen of the Press 772 Charles Ashleigh The Movement in Great Britain 775 Fred Watson Anarchist Morality 777 Peter Kropotkin