N. E. Protective Union (May 23, 1849)

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"N. E. Protective Union." The Boston Investigator. 19, 3 (May 23, 1849), 3.

N. E. Protective Union.

We are indebted to the kindness of our friend Blacker, for the following Report of the Committee on Trade, which has just been issued by this very excellent institution. This novel but highly important movement of Mechanics and Laborers, not only holds its ground, but is rapidly gaining in strength and numbers—fourteen new Divisions (as we see from a document accompanying the Report) having lately been added, making the whole number of Divisions at the present date, 79!

The Committee on Trade respectfully submit the following Report for the quarter ending March 31, 1849:—

The Committee would state that the objects for which they were appointed have been steadily pursued, ant they have exercised that constant vigilance and watchfulness which is necessary in order to have the advantage of the market; and no opportunity to furnish the laborer the necessaries of life at first cost, and at the least possible additional expense, has been lost.

The steady increase of the amount of our trade has awakened many large dealers and manufacturers to the subject, and we can now operate to advantage with some who formerly, considered it too insignificant.

The committee have every reason to believe that by concentrating the capital of the Divisions, and the concentration of the minds of the working classes of New England on the subject, a more equitable system of corn may yet be attained, and that the laborer will yet be secured the product of his toil.

The Committee would here express the encouragement they feel at the formation of a Division composed entirely of ladies, and they hope that the ladies of New England will take the subject into consideration, and follow the example of the ladies of Lowell.

We have received from the North American Phalanx, (N. Y.,) an Industrial Association, a supply of Hominy, Wheat Groats, Graham Flour, and Mustard, of a superior quality, and on favorable terms.

We continue to be supplied with Brooms and some other articles from the Shakers’ Society at Harvard.

We are receiving Wrapping Paper, of prime quality, direct front a manufacturer, to the advantage of the Divisions.

Merriam’s Chemical Soap we now receive from the manufacturer, and we can recommend this article to the have also made an arrangement for a supply of Prepared Cocoa, Chocolate, Shells, &c., from a manufacturer.

We have had some correspondence with a friend of the Union in Western New York, on the subject of establishing a store in his vicinity for the purposes of exchange.

The orders in the Dry Goods line have increased during the quarter. An advance of prices has been maintained over the previous quarter, on most articles in the Grocery line.

Some of the Divisions have extended the variety of their goods, and have ordered stock for mechanics, such as Iron arid Steel, Paints, Stationery, Crockery, Hard Ware, &c.

The amount of Goods purchased for the Divisions during the quarter, is $49,601 14.

(Signed by the Committee.)