Plan for a Bridge across East River

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Extracts from the Hon. Wm. J. McAlpine's notes on the trial of guns in England were read, which have not been furnished for this report. The subject drew forth some debate, after which Mr. Lewis Masquerier, of Green Point, L. I., read the following:

Plan For A Bridge Across East River.
I suggest the plan of a floating bridge across East river, to rise and fall with the tide. Let it be built of an appropriate width, in sections hinged together, and supported by three piers in the center of the river. Let a floating turnpike or turnstile draw-bridge with four cross-arms, turn upon a center-post in the central pier, for vessels to pass through. This turnpike draw may be constructed to turn round with the force of the tide, always in the same direction, with the aid of additional power and be stopped at intervals. The arms of the draw-bridges may have circling passways, so that vehicles can reverse their directions. With large iron posts in each pier, the whole can rise and fall with the tide. This turnstile and the ends of the bridges may be guarded with rollers and soft materials to break the force of the vessels and to let them pass through more easily. Separate passways will accommodate both passengers and vehicles going each way. This floating bridge may be braced on both sides with anchors fastened in the solid stone or otherwise in the river bottom. The car lines should not cross bridges, but give passengers the healthy exercise of walking over. If this plan has any merit, the engineers can make out the details for its construction.

The plan of Mr. Masquerier did not meet with general approval.

Source: Annual report of the American Institute, of the City of New York, for the Year 1868-9 p. 1002.