Possibilities of the Future

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Benjamin Ricketson Tucker


When my friend Swartz shall have organised the industry of the sex-working women, presumably advertisements of the industry will be in order, and the daily papers will teem with bargain-counter announcements, offering remainders and shop-worn goods at reduced prices. Being a believer in liberty, I cannot say nay. Most people having the idea that every Anarchist is bound to prove that Anarchy and the millennium are one and the same thing, it will be no new thing for me to answer such objectors that even liberty has its unpleasant side. But meanwhile the illogical human race, which rarely grants one liberty without curtailing another, probably will have agreed to the proposal of E. C. Walker of New York, also my friend and one-time libertarian, that the boycott shall be rigorously suppressed by law, and then it will be illegal to refrain from reading any journal whatsover, even the Bulletin of the International Intelligence Institute, which Mr. Swartz conducts, and which perhaps will then be filled with the delectable advertisements in question. With this cheerful prospect before us, I feel some comfort in the reflections that we may still have the liberty to take to the woods. By the way, in view of the the increasing vogue of male prostitution, does Mr. Swartz intend to organize the sex-workingmen as well?

Benj. R. Tucker.

  • Benjamin R. Tucker, “Possibilities of the Future,” The New Freewoman 1, no. 6 (September 1, 1913): 116.