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The unexpectedly warm welcome which the Present has received, its steadily increasing list of subscribers, and assurances from many quarters that it meets a want of the public mind, encourages its Editor to announce, that the First Number of the Second Volume will appear in May.

The Central Doctrine of the Present will be, that Modern Civilized Society is tending to the Organization of Associations Of Families And Individuals, united in all the interests of life. And it will endeavor to prove, by original articles, translations, and selections, that by this process of peaceful reform, the Law of Christian Brotherhood may be fulfilled in action, the union secured of Liberty and Order, abundance and beauty equitably diffused, and influences spread around every human being, which will promote their health, purity, and harmonious growth.

In addition to discussions of the Principles of Social Science, and to descriptions of the modes in which they may be practically applied, the Present will attempt to do justice to the Spirit of Reform wherever manifested, and to record such movements and discoveries, as promise to advance mankind to higher degrees of love and truth and joy. The Editor has the satisfaction of assuring his readers, that the assistance is promised of a number of able writers of quite opposite modes of thinking, and it is hoped that by such statements of various views, this periodical may truly reflect the Signs of the Times.

If the increase of subscribers should be sufficient to authorize the undertaking, the Present will appear in monthly numbers, containing 72 pages each, being twice the size of the original numbers, at the subscription price of $2 a year. With the suitable exertions of its friends, its subscription list could easily be doubled. Will not those who are earnest in the hope of a higher era of Peace and Love aid in the widest circulation of this Periodical? Will Editors, who are favorable to these views, give insertion to this Prospectus. Names of subscribers can be forwarded to the office of the Present, 142 Fulton street, New York, or to the Editor. W. H. CHANN1NG.

(Nos. IX. and X. will be published on the let March.)

  • William Henry Channing, “Prospectus for Volume II. of the Present,” The Present 1, no. 7-8 (January 15, 1844): 288.