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"'HARD Times'?" said the Fox, as he grabbed another Gosling, "why, I never knew such prosperity."

"But," said the Goose, "we can't live——"

"Can't live!" replied the Fox. " Nonsense, if you didn't live and put on Flesh, how could I be getting fat?"

"But my Children are dead," said the Goose. "The Incapables always succumb," said the Fox, as he licked his Chops. "Look at the Increase in my Business, and the Extension of my Belt Line; I have added two Links and yet it is strained to its utmost Capacity."

Said the Goose: "You even keep us out of the Fields, where we need to feed."

"You are dissatisfied," replied the Fox, "because you are a Goose. What do you wish me to do?" "We should have shorter Hours," said the Goose, "and more Liberty."

Said the Fox: "I have learned not to quarrel with my Food. So I will accede to your Demands—by inspecting your Nests and passing a Law against Trusts."

  • Bolton Hall, “Prosperity,” The Independent 53, no. 2734 (April 25, 1901): 950.