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THREE turbulent soldiers lay in gaol. Pending their trial, they strove to get out. They tried to bribe the gaolers, they reasoned with the turnkeys, they appealed constantly to the Governor, and between times they tunnelled under the wall.

One of them made a plan to blow up the gaol. Said the first prisoner, as they worked together, "When we've broken down the gaol, we'll build an orphan asylum here. "

"We will not," said the second, "orphan asylums mean slavery."

"It's a monument we'll build to Henry George," said the third.

With that they stopped the work, and fell to fighting. At that moment the benevolent warden came in. Said he: "You agitators here are making a mistake. There isn't any outside to this gaol: the best we can do is to improve the condition of the poor within." So he put them in a stronger cell.

They said, "Had we not quarrelled, we would have been free."