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"I AM wasting my strength," said I to the Prophet, "on these 'reforms.' The people are stupid or crazy"—

"A team was running away," said the Prophet; "and I saw three that stood by their path.

One said: 'The beasts are going wrong. If I stand up against them, they will surely run over me.' So he ran sidewise at them, and sheered them out of the road, so that the wagon was broken, and the horses plunged wildly on.

"Another said, 'That did no good.' So he sprang in their way, and waved his arms.

Before the horses could turn, the wagon-pole struck him, and the team ran on.

"The third said nothing. But, as the brutes turned up the road, he began to run the same way they were going; and, as they were gaining on him, he seized the reins and stopped the team.

I said, "Do you mean that we should go wrong because others do?"

"My son," said the Prophet, "the man ran the same way as the horse; yet he went right, not wrong."