Rise and Progress of a Soul

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THERE was a man who cried that life was hard, and that all went ill with him. Therefore, he snarled at men, and wailed that all the world was bad.

God said to him, "Your hell is in your heart."

The man cried out, "Though I do righteously, yet the wicked beat me down." Therefore, his hand was against every man. He sighed that not a God, but devils, ruled the world.

God said, "The school for you is my earth."

Again the man cried out, "There is no happiness below for me; for men have trampled on my rights, and I have been a fool. I shall be happy in a better world."

God said, "Such heaven as you conceive I give."

Once more the man cried out: " I am not holier than other men, for are not all one flesh?

In the sins they do and the fights they make I must needs take my part. Yet I am one with God."

God answered him, and said, "My brother and son, my kingdom is in you."

Source: Bolton Hall, “Rise and Progress of a Soul,” Mind 2, no. 6 (September 1898): 327.