Sauve Qui Peut

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WHEN the King was come to his own, his soldiers were scattered and few. Therefore, each felt that he must depend upon himself and upon the word of the King. So, wherever these soldiers went, they overthrew the citadels, and the cities surrendered saying, "Behold, these are come hither also, which have turned the world upside down."

With such success the army of the King became organised; and, when they sought a free country, the soldiers learned to trust to the generals and to the artillery. When the enemy appeared, each soldier said in his heart, "This great army will be victorious"; and he added, "So they do not need me." "We will surely succeed," said every one to himself, "therefore, I need do nothing."

So those poor soldiers were plundered and slain, and only the fierce and cunning escaped at all.

The General said, "Those who have thought have not yet suffered, and those who have suffered have not yet thought." But the King bided his time.