Sex of Gods

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By Eliphalet Kimball

Men have always made their gods with a vague resemblance to themselves in form and disposition. A good man makes a good god, and a bad man a bad one. A man is known by his god and the god from the man. With regard to the form of the Christian God, the Bible says he made him in his own image. According to either way, God and men are formed alike. Men made gods before gods made men. The author of that passage in the Bible made his god in his own image. The Bible says of Jehovah, "His hair is white like wool, and His eyes are as a flame of fire." "Out of His mouth came a two edged sword." His feet and legs, &c., He told Moses He should not see His face, but might see His "back parts." If He has the human form, we are to suppose he has a sex. If he has "back parts" he has fore parts. God is spoken of throughout the Bible. as of the male sex. In that Book, and in the language of Christians, He is represented with the pronouns "He" and" Him." Christ called Him" Father," men call Him Father. If He is not a male, why not call Him mother, or if He is of no sex call Him "it." His sexual connection with Mary proves His sex, because there is only one way a woman can conceive. An only god is always a male. Where there is a plurality, the chief god is a male. Jupiter, the chief god of the ancient Romans had sexual connection with one or more women, who bore children by them. The male sex of the Christian God proves Himself to be not only of human origin, but of male origin. Women had no hand in making Him. It is an exclusiveness and unfairness that denies the equal rights of women. If He had been made by woman, likely He would have been a female the mother of the Saviour. Perhaps the Saviour would have been a daughter, and her father a man. If men and women jointly had made a Deity, likely they would have made a male god and a female one. In that case the Saviour would have been a full blooded god or goddess. Jehovah's affair with Mary is unfavorable to His reputation as a God of good morals, on several accounts. The difference in their ages. He old and she young. Her engagement to another man. It appears it was without her consent, and even knowledge. Else where was the need of an angel telling her who was the father of it. What is bad in man would be bad in a god. It was a bad example.