Shawn P. Wilbur

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Here's where I do the weird third-person biography thing. The short version is this: I'm the original founder and presently sole archivist and curator of The Libertarian Labyrinth. Throughout the site you will find texts which I have collected, together with commentary that is largely mine as well. I'm beginning to think of the Labyrinth as that book I'll be writing for my whole life. There are worse fates. Anyway. . .

Shawn Patrick Wilbur is an independent scholar, digital archivist, and live sound engineer. He was born in Fortuna, CA, in 1963 and spent the most of the first five years of his life living on United States Fish and Wildlife Service refuges in Idaho and California.


He has taught on a part-time basis at Bowling Green State University since graduating from the Master's program there in American Culture Studies in 1992.