She is Great

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She is Great.
By J. William Lloyd.
LOVE, be great, that in degree
And equal part my love of thee
Be born of wind and sky and sea!
And who is great?
Lo, she is great who, 'neath my breast
Fills all my heart with high unrest—
"Forget me, love, to love the best!"
And she is great whose love of me
Knows naught of rival, jealousy,
Or any mean monopoly.
And she is great who bids me dare
My highest truth for garment wear,
And all my message forth declare.
And she is great whose eye, I see,
Full often dreams, forgetting me,
In worlds of great ideals to be.
And she is great!
O, love, be great, that all my soul
May worship thee, and find Control
And Largeness written on thy scroll.