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  • “''V. To open the way for each individual to the possession of land. and all other natural wealth''. now this spring, fence in our pasture land, fix up our
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  • land, in view of the fact that her parliament did not land. But the men who make these charges call
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  • ...arx & Co. not pushed it aside. It's a radical tendency among agrarians and land-reformers, as well as the refuge of rogue single-taxers. It's one of the mo ...ic mutualist experiments, ranging from friendly societies to modern mutual banks. Along with this, there are also histories of personal connections and infl
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  • ...ablished except on the condition of being rigorously protected against the banks charging interest, and invested with a monopoly on circulation? That is wha
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  • ...ney lender may exact one, two, or three per cent, a month for his loan; if banks and other monied institutions may make their twenty per cent, dividends; if defend himself with the universal rule. So also the money lender—the Land Lord and all kinds of monopolists. On the other hand, if times are dull and
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  • '''Japan'''.—A new civilization. The land of a new culture! was the cry of every penny-a-liner at the time when she b * Edwin Bjorkman, “[[On the Banks of Acheron]],” Mother Earth 1, no. 1 (March 1906): 42-44.
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  • business to interferfl, or not. And while in a savage land, of immense tracts of land-one-half of the cultivated area, according
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  • ...f the tribe of Levi (the Hebrew Priests) in the' division of the conquered land? The Priests, the Levites, and all the tribes of Levi, shall have no part n ...year, the trumpet of the {{small-caps|Jubilee }}sounded throughout all the land of Israel, proclaiming ''liberty'' to all the inhabitants thereof. Whoever
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  • MUTUAL BANKS not bearing interest is paid to the banks as insurance money
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  • ...l a gold mine. Similarly, I think the history of land-banks, mutual banks, banks of the people, etc., and of the propaganda in support of them, still has pr
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  • ...on.—But if this power be not expressly given in the great charter of the land, seek it not by implication. It is not given.—To assume it would be usurp ...ready overflows the country, and threatens to overturn the whole system of banks, if the wisdom of lawgivers should not be able to devise effectual means to
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  • ...elf with feverish activity to carrying forward the agitation in his native land. A year later he was arrested for participation in Nihilist plots, and spen ...he peasants (inalienability of the village-community lands, peasants' loan banks, etc.), but the two went hand in hand with an attempt to reintroduce manori
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  • ..., coerces and drives Congress by a series of prohibitions. By building the banks of a river you determine the path of its flow. The right of continuous exer ...duty of this tribunal .... to say that such an act was not the law of the land.'
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  • ...tivist school could co-exist with the partial communism implied by holding land and machinery in common—unless imposed by a powerful government, much mor ...of the State or the Municipality. A householder in a Swiss village on the banks of Lake Leman belongs now to, at least, a dozen different societies which s
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  • ...any single life. I doubt not that in those long gone days, far away by the banks of the still Nile, in the abiding shadow of the pyramids, under the heavy b
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  • ...ght, but a boon bestowed. And the thievery of pure air, the withholding of land from use, the robbery of toil, are not wrongs (for if you have no rights, y ...soar off rhapsodically about that “starry banner that floats ‘over the land of the free and the home of the brave.”’ We are so free! and so brave!
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  • ...—are, in their official capacity, protected from the ordinary law of the land, and snbject in many respects only to official law administered by official ...l classes of persons; again I bespeak the attention of the innocent-minded land-nationaliser. So also notice the petty tyranny which forbids a child being
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  • ...close corporations. Sanguine hopes are entertained of the peoples exchange banks as conceived by Proudhon and modified by Wm. B. Greene. (See his Mutual Ban Governments and legislative privileges of land grants, banking, exemption of United States bonds and church property from
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  • ...Through the morally indefensible claim to profits ; through the control of land, water-courses, steam, railways, currencies, and governments, — capital, ...of Europe possesses ; namely, an almost unlimited supply of cheap, fertile land." — David A. Wells at the Detroit meeting of the American Social Science
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  • Bolton Hall, "The Land Question and Economic Progress," ''The Arena'', XXIV, 6 (December 1900), 64 THE LAND QUESTION AND ECONOMIC PROGRESS.
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