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  • <div align=center> Some things Premised for Introduction touching Banks in Generall vizt </div> ...encie, by other Mediums: Some of which, have happily pitch'd upon That, of Banks, Lumbards & Exchange of Moneys by Bills: which have thriven with them.
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  • ...y any Oriental jugglery. No travelers ever return, the poets say, from the Land of Shades beyond the river Styx—and may be it is a good thing for them th ...rds were intoning a sweet paean of joyful welcome; green-clad trees on the banks of the Allegheny were stretching out to me a hundred emerald arms, and ever
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  • ...buildings. He makes payments half yearly in land, and pays interest on the land so paid. In ten years, E. must pay one farm; in twenty years three farms; i ...f money. A very large amount of the capital stocks of Western and Southern banks and State bonds are owned by capitalists in Northern cities, or by foreigne
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  • ..., as the Mississippi of civilization saps, crumbles, and washes down those banks of barbarism, whose relics remain with us like the bones of the Saurians. ...eholders who sympathize in their purpose, purchase a few thousand acres of land, and from 100 to J,600 Negroes. If they have not previously learned the met
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  • ...nguishing mark above himself, as we in America have seen. The land and the land-holder have been to him always unapproachable quantities,—a recognized co ...he realization of Anarchism. Most of them agree that the opening up of the land together with the free use of tools would lead to a breaking up of these va
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  • ..., I scarce know where to place him, particularly. We were in accord on the land and interest problems: but differed politically on the tariff and the green The area of dry land upon the globe is in round numbers about 51,590,000 square miles,
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  • ...nd do. It must grow, that it may see and do with good result. Here in this land we have undertaken to grow, as it were, by a sort of universal experience; Nor land, nor man, nor woman, without Religion),"—
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  • ...Andrew McFarland Davis]], of pamphlets relating to colonial currency, land banks, etc. # Some considerations upon the several sorts of banks, etc. 1716
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  • ...t of every human being to the means necessary to secure and maintain them. Land, mines, air, water, vegetables, animals, all material and spiritual objects ...individuals draw against labor and property, registered and guaranteed, as banks now draw against bonds deposited, and cumulative credit is represented in g
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  • ...existence, and would miss them if they were burnt.</ref> debts contracted, land deeded by the people to individuals, or any kind of monopoly established. W ...(partially) by that labor which was expended in obtaining the Wealth from land. Value in claims on labor still to be done except, indeed, for other, previ
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  • ...of the tribe of Levi (the Hebrew Priests) in the division of the conquered land? "The Priests, the Levites, and all the tribes of Levi, shall have no part ...year, the trumpet of the {{small-caps|Jubilee}} sounded throughout all the land of Israel, proclaiming ''liberty'' to all the inhabitants thereof. Whoever
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  • ...the most careless observer that if some have greater freedom of access to land than others they thereby have an advantage over those others which makes eq ...landholding would be limited to use by an automatic method, and all unused land would be free to the first person desiring it.
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  • ...ho was unspoiled by the sophistry of modern political economy, the idea of land and capital (inanimate objects) receiving payment for their share in produc the wall. This effects the wholesale merchants, who, in turn shake the banks. ‘Tis thus that panics often originate.’ If we can return to the cost p
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  • ...n the mere paper, as paper, upon which the mortgage is written, but in the land on which the mortgage gives the mortgagee a lien for the amount of his debt ...ortgage nor the note has any value as mere paper; that the value is in the land, or the property, that is holden, or liable to be taken, for the payment of
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  • the best recent efforts of the Dakota land-agents. name the location of the new land of promise. In
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  • possess land and capital; and then their wages fall to what is holding land above described : When land is owned by individuals,
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  • ...great loan-jobbers are national banks. They control these bonks, and these banks control the governments. Thus the French government is at tho mercy of the ...f is gradually established an oligarchy of large dealers, who from land to land, city to city, and firm to firm, play into each others hands, give law to t
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  • ...however humble a way, to call out fidelity to the Divine Guidance in this land of promise, to which Providence led our forefathers in the fullness of time ...heir solemnity; they turn to practical details from what look like the fog-banks of unsettled principles ; and silence, with many of the wisest, is felt to
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  • me to New York in 1882, "the feeling of having become acquainted with a land and with conditions, where {{{p|11}} one can make light of the pressing car childhood, on the banks of the Sieg, have built huts in Siegburg,
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  • ...onomists attempt to conjure up a spirit that will justify the greed of our land and money systems; by a casuistry similar to that which once would have jus ...system. Sinecures arc not confined to Church or State. They exist in your Banks, Insurance Offices, Manufactories, Railroad Companies, and in fact, every b
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  • “''V. To open the way for each individual to the possession of land. and all other natural wealth''. now this spring, fence in our pasture land, fix up our
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  • land, in view of the fact that her parliament did not land. But the men who make these charges call
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  • ...arx & Co. not pushed it aside. It's a radical tendency among agrarians and land-reformers, as well as the refuge of rogue single-taxers. It's one of the mo ...ic mutualist experiments, ranging from friendly societies to modern mutual banks. Along with this, there are also histories of personal connections and infl
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  • ...ablished except on the condition of being rigorously protected against the banks charging interest, and invested with a monopoly on circulation? That is wha
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  • ...ney lender may exact one, two, or three per cent, a month for his loan; if banks and other monied institutions may make their twenty per cent, dividends; if defend himself with the universal rule. So also the money lender—the Land Lord and all kinds of monopolists. On the other hand, if times are dull and
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  • '''Japan'''.—A new civilization. The land of a new culture! was the cry of every penny-a-liner at the time when she b * Edwin Bjorkman, “[[On the Banks of Acheron]],” Mother Earth 1, no. 1 (March 1906): 42-44.
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  • business to interferfl, or not. And while in a savage land, of immense tracts of land-one-half of the cultivated area, according
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  • ...f the tribe of Levi (the Hebrew Priests) in the' division of the conquered land? The Priests, the Levites, and all the tribes of Levi, shall have no part n ...year, the trumpet of the {{small-caps|Jubilee }}sounded throughout all the land of Israel, proclaiming ''liberty'' to all the inhabitants thereof. Whoever
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  • MUTUAL BANKS not bearing interest is paid to the banks as insurance money
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  • ...l a gold mine. Similarly, I think the history of land-banks, mutual banks, banks of the people, etc., and of the propaganda in support of them, still has pr
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  • ...on.—But if this power be not expressly given in the great charter of the land, seek it not by implication. It is not given.—To assume it would be usurp ...ready overflows the country, and threatens to overturn the whole system of banks, if the wisdom of lawgivers should not be able to devise effectual means to
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  • ...elf with feverish activity to carrying forward the agitation in his native land. A year later he was arrested for participation in Nihilist plots, and spen ...he peasants (inalienability of the village-community lands, peasants' loan banks, etc.), but the two went hand in hand with an attempt to reintroduce manori
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  • ..., coerces and drives Congress by a series of prohibitions. By building the banks of a river you determine the path of its flow. The right of continuous exer ...duty of this tribunal .... to say that such an act was not the law of the land.'
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  • ...tivist school could co-exist with the partial communism implied by holding land and machinery in common—unless imposed by a powerful government, much mor ...of the State or the Municipality. A householder in a Swiss village on the banks of Lake Leman belongs now to, at least, a dozen different societies which s
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  • ...any single life. I doubt not that in those long gone days, far away by the banks of the still Nile, in the abiding shadow of the pyramids, under the heavy b
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  • ...ght, but a boon bestowed. And the thievery of pure air, the withholding of land from use, the robbery of toil, are not wrongs (for if you have no rights, y ...soar off rhapsodically about that “starry banner that floats ‘over the land of the free and the home of the brave.”’ We are so free! and so brave!
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  • ...—are, in their official capacity, protected from the ordinary law of the land, and snbject in many respects only to official law administered by official ...l classes of persons; again I bespeak the attention of the innocent-minded land-nationaliser. So also notice the petty tyranny which forbids a child being
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  • ...close corporations. Sanguine hopes are entertained of the peoples exchange banks as conceived by Proudhon and modified by Wm. B. Greene. (See his Mutual Ban Governments and legislative privileges of land grants, banking, exemption of United States bonds and church property from
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  • ...Through the morally indefensible claim to profits ; through the control of land, water-courses, steam, railways, currencies, and governments, — capital, ...of Europe possesses ; namely, an almost unlimited supply of cheap, fertile land." — David A. Wells at the Detroit meeting of the American Social Science
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  • Bolton Hall, "The Land Question and Economic Progress," ''The Arena'', XXIV, 6 (December 1900), 64 THE LAND QUESTION AND ECONOMIC PROGRESS.
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  • ...t is still only a matter of custom. It does not become a right, founded on land and hereditary property and consecrated by religion, as with the agricultur ...find as much and more land than they would need, long before reaching the banks of the Amur. It must be centuries, therefore, before the valley of the Amur
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  • ...e lodgment, as long as we tolerate royalty as expressed in money monopoly, land grants, or governmental special privilege of any kind. ...same) and an insurance premium for risk. Skilled management of the primary banks would tend to minimize element of risk to the point of elimination, for the
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  • counters of the banks which issued it. This pretence was false, however, the immediate purposes of currency in the neighborhood of these banks,
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  • are unknown in sueh a land. Gaunt, red mills whose, are happily absent from the land. The dreadful,
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  • ...the side towards the sea, and possessed little military value in case of a land invasion. Parliament thought that even this expense involved too high a pre ...ns. Moltke had, however, the candour of owning that though he might easily land an army in England, he did not so easily see his way to withdrawing it. Thi
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  • ...hrough its labor unions of all the means of production, mines, houses, the land; in short: of all the economic factors. ...ns of government, such as police stations, court houses, prisons, national banks and ministries of finances might be threatened by the masses. Also single p
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  • c) put into wasteful and unproductive investments like unused land or gold holdings, or 5. Establishment of bank note issuing banks issuing notes based on the banking principle or the real bills doctrine.
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  • ...the fact that the as yet unexhausted earth is inaccessible. The unoccupied land is held out of use, instead of being used to produce. It is held by people ...ossession must depend upon occupancy, under pain of a premature artificial land-scarcity such as prevails and from which we suffer.
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  • ...y, the Barin (master) still continued posession of the key to life --- the land? Matushka Zemlya (Mother Earth) is the pet name which the Russian language ...never will the Russian people be content, or Boylshecism cease, until the land and the means of life become the heritage of the children of Russia. They h
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  • ...ents to river navigation will be removed, their channels deepened, and the banks defended by continuous levees and wharves. The rivers will be spanned by in ...res are discovered to take the place of wool, and human beings demand more land, they will be crowded out. Traps, poison and ferrets will exterminate rats
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