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  • ...readers to keep his antinomies in play, and to follow along as he reasons from the most individualistic of starting positions—complete and absolute ''in ...his own lights, before we can either accept or reject him. And his vision, from ''What Is Property?'' through to ''The Theory of Property'' and ''The Polit
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  • From [[The Peaceful Revolutionist|the Peaceful Revolutionist]]. In "Equitable Commerce," Cost is entirely separated, disentangled from value. The value or worth of a dose of medicine which saves a life, if equa
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  • pockets out, and throws him into the street. The blood spouts from the boy's ears, and the . . . "It is no use," said the Doctor. "He is dead, quite dead,—probably from shock. What a
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  • ...planet, not on solid ground, but in the waves of the Pacific, about a mile from the western shores of the United States. But "being a Marsite, and conseque, he commenced relating to his new friends the story of his journey from the planet Mars to our Earth. The astonished and interested family prevaile
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  • [[Category: Articles lacking full citations]]
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  • ...f the extreme Radical wing in France, and a member of the Corps Legislatif from 1848 to 1851. He was born in 1816, at Arbresle, in the Department of the Rh ...ood of comrades they knew not why! Ah! I have never forgotten those scenes from hell; they come to me again and again, and I ask, What has become of the ma
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  • Two women sat in the dusk of a summer evening, where the glow from a western window fell on their faces, and the one star showing in the purpl ...things exist? They have grown tiresome used on the rostrum and in "Woman" articles—in good society they are out of place. You certainly should take broader
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  •, through ideas of truth, puts forth benign and beautiful creative power from everlasting to everlasting; ...iverse—through souls receiving inspiration of love and truth and beauty, from God—through powers of rational volition, and in intercourse with fellow-s
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  • ...until all clearly imaginable varieties of delight pall on the five senses from repetition. Sickness will be unknown. Death itself will be only a welcome, ...crime. Abolish this horrid injustice; take the lead in delivering mankind from the religious, political, and moral "Hell" in which they have always been t
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  • ...of The Index}}:—Allow me to suggest the following reasons tor dissenting from your view of the great spiritual questions discussed in your lecture on the ...s philosophy on the ground that he has stopped short of these consequences from his own principles, and even, on other grounds, denied them.
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  • [[Category: Articles from "The Public"]]
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  • of an hour of his time in return, for the quarter of an hour's services from the fellow creature, aged ten years, who meets him in the street and "shine Here is another method, of reducing this doctrine to an absurdity. Turning from the matter of age to that of faculty, pray tell where this system of equiva
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  • My creed is short. Instead of “Thirty-nine” articles, it has but three: ...s to “keep the ball of life rolling”—to preserve the race or species from dying out, with less regard as to what becomes of individual units. Hence a
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  • A Gift From His Employes. ...ployer—it is a matter of courtesy you know. He will appreciate a present from his employees, I am sure."
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  • [[Category:Articles from "The Whim"]]
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  • ...ere is an occasional exception even to that rule, for I have just returned from a hell, the like of which, for human brutality and fiendish barbarity, is n ...iron doors behind me and I suddenly found myself transported, as it were, from the dreary night of my prison-existence into the warm sunshine of the livin
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  • ...s I reply: A large number of persons were ready to join the Potomac Colony from many States. In one Ohio village alone thirty meet weekly to prepare for th attempt at integral association that is other than a slow, sure growth from a perfectly harmonious nucleus of persons who, while aiming practically, an
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  • ...e greatest damage proceeds not so much from the opposition of prejudice as from the profession of ignorance. ...t denied authority; it would be free from men because it could not be free from self; with the light of a widening infinite in its eyes, it denied the supr
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  • ...fered no objection, but, I have been informed, failed to insert an extract from one of humanity's truest friends, Clifford, which effectually disposed of T :From the dun dawn of Being — her main law
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  • ...nce is good--subject only to a quantitative calculation in order to obtain from the given forces the maximum of useful effect. And to the contrary is evil, persecutors like the Christ of legend, still make good from evil. Apart from the evil that they do to themselves, which must count for something, they c
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