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  • Equal Exchange of Labor," New York Sentinel and Working Man's Advocate, 1, 44 (July 17, 1830), 1. ...informant tells us, in the city of Cincinnati—viz: the Equal Exchange of Labor.
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  • ...s work has to do primarily with how we view the conditions around us: look for the Revolution immanent in all our activities and institutions, and then ad ...nd that the negation of property is necessary for the abolition of misery, for the emancipation of the proletariat. It is by its fruits that one must judg
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  • ...o-operate together, before any great good could be effected—they took it for granted that antagonism grew out of the Individuality of interests and that ...saved. On this ground, ten thousand dollars would not, in some cases, pay for the medicine—but this is so false, so iniquitous, that civilized Cannibal
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  • [[Samuel Leavitt]]. '''"A Fair Exchange No Robbery."''' ''The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health. 61, 6 (D "A FAIR EXCHANGE NO ROBBERY"
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  • ...a weaver, a group of inquirers after truth were wont to assemble bi-weekly for the discussion of "Communism vs. Individualism." There were generally prese ...ty and competition," and means it. For the one he prescribes "take it" and for the other "suppress it." That is very frank.
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  • ...he considers these concessions weapons of personal defense in the struggle for existence. The anarchist wishes to live his life, as much as possible—mor ...decisions of a majority or the wishes of an elite. The anarchist combats, for the same reasons, the teaching furnished by the State and that dispensed by
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  • A New Banking System: The Needful Capital for Rebuilding the Burnt District one thousand dollars for every male and female person,
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  • * Joshua King Ingalls, “A Practical Movement for Transition,” ''The Spirit of the Age'' 2, no. 13 (March 30, 1850): 202-20 For the Spirit of the Age.
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  • and cobs, etc., each has its standard, but no one breed can he standard for all breeds. Standard must deal with the particular, not with the general, w ...thing to test or gauge all other things, but innumerable special standards for the innumerable dissimilar things.
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  • ...l day long and handing over great heaps of the precious metals and stones, for just enough to get something to eat, some sort of a shelter and clothes eno ...ty of working for the owners of the island, that they vied with each other for the few opportunities existing; and always there were some who could not fi
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  • Horace Greeley became its sponsor in the press and Brook farm gained for it a place in American literature. ...mmitted more murders, tortures, and crimes in struggles against each other for the privilege of governing than society would or could have suffered in the
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  • * '''Josiah Warren, “[[Labor the Only Ground of Price]],” ''The Index'' 5, no. 231 (May 28, 1874): 260 * '''Josiah Warren, “[[To the Friends of the Equal Exchange of Labor in the West]],” ''The Free Enquirer'' 23, no. 38 (July 17, 1830): 301-302
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  • ...cks, ambitious place-hunters, etc., say they are able to benefit labor, if labor will only follow their useless advice. All this does not lessen the misery ...roduce heaps of Blue Books, and give an opportunity to the politicians and labor leaders, “to show themselves off.” And that is about all. If the worker
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  • ...e mass of the groups, who will appear an hour later, and the post-Antienne for those who rise last. The tables will be renewed at each of the three acts; ...e news of the night or by other incidents subsequent to the holding of the Exchange. At the Antienne in such cases, sudden measures are agreed upon.
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  • ...ery kind; it is not greater freedom for the criminal,' but greater freedom for the non-criminal, that they aim to secure; and by the abolition of governme ...ciety in which the non-invasive individual is not coerced into cooperation for the defense of his neighbors, and in which each enjoys the highest degree o
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  • as well, and anyone who is possessed by the modern scientific mania for Monism can easily follow out the line to the vanishing point of human knowl ...hism in the development of the amoeba, while a fledgling engineer searched for it in mathematical quantities.
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  • ...s, as we see it has so far failed, to “substitute the industrial régime for the military,” is not that because the improvement of habits is by no mea ..., and bald, until even friendly critics thought he would have been clearer for taking less pains to be clear.
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  • AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND LABOR MOVEMENTS THE labor movement in Australasia is extremely complex, and very much confusion of id
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  • * William Henry Channing, “[[Prospectus for Volume II. of the Present]],” The Present 1, no. 7-8 (January 15, 1844): * François Coignet, “[[The Ways and Means of Free Exchange and Credit.]],” The Spirit of the Age 1, no. 6 (August 11, 1849): 81-82.
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  • ...ry nearly akin to despair. He does not appear to have found as yet a faith for him- {{p|359}} -self, and his writings have almost invariably a skeptical t ...thic principle, and that he cures their diseases by exaggerating them; but for ourselves we must say that we have found him anything but a skilful physici
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  • CAPITAL AND LABOR. ...nd the time for its solution can not be far distant. The true relations of labor and capital must be understood and adopted ere long, or the most disastrous
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