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  • Industrielle]]'', written by [[Pierre Leroux]], translated by [[Orestes Brownson]]. not had in view, the several theories commonly termed Idealism; we have by no means intended to speak either of the doctrine of Berkeley, or that of M
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  • Orestes Brownson. "Berkeley and Idealism." ''Brownson's Quarterly Review.'' I, 1 (January, 1844) 29-56. ...tion, from one of the volumes before us, of an article, for our own pages, by M. Leroux, on Berkeley and Idealism. The article is ably written, and, besi
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  • * Joseph H. Allen, “[[Current Literature—The Principles of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer]],” The Radical Review 1, no. 2 (August 1877): 352. * Stephen Pearl Andrews, “[[Address by Stephen Pearl Andrews to His Fellow-Citizens on the Situation]],” The Ind
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  • This a roughly chronological bibliography of known works by [[William Batchelder Greene]] (1819-1978). * [[Equality—No.1]] by OMEGA. - Wednesday 18 July 1849 - Deals with Moses, and equality among Chri
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  • first distinguished himself, we believe, by his contributions by the strong arm of civil power. As an outward, visible
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  • ...fore the splintering of the International, before Haymarket and propaganda by the deed. It is, therefore, associated in its origins with a kind of scient ...est of the broad socialist movement, and to much of the culture around it, by a shared faith and optimism. We shouldn't overstate this. We're talking abo
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  • ...the works of [[William Batchelder Greene]], and related works by [[Orestes Brownson]]. From there, we'll turn back in time, to survey the early writings of [[J
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  • ...William Ellery Channing]] and [[Orestes Brownson]] (although by this time, Brownson was on a rather different path), etc. ..., I must spread ruin and error. But I will not trespass upon your patience by lengthening this preface. I will proceed at once to state the doctrines whi
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  • ...will not fail to do its work. Nevertheless, though injustice was done me, by a misconstruction of my motives, yet this tendency which had originally mad ...ed, but I have been slow to go far beyond. I have disputed the ground inch by inch, and have yielded only when I had no longer any ground on which to sta
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  • ...Palmer Peabody, and "possibly" George Bancroft—as influenced by Leroux. Brownson had introduced Leroux's work in Boston intellectual circles and translated ...nature, and his normal life consists in never, separating them in any act. By means of these man holds relations with other men and with the world. It is
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  • ...] included an extended review of the work in the January 1848 issue of ''[[Brownson's Quarterly Review]]''. * [[Moral Education]], by [[Just Muiron]]
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  • Deficiency of the Existing Circulating Medium'' 1857). Similar attempts by the New England Labor Reform League in the 1870s met with similar results. ...hist" until the last decade of his life, but his writings show that he had by 1850 articulated a [[Christian mutualism]], drawing heavily on the writings
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