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  • ...ed in this country philosophical anarchists), and, secondly, the school of anarchist communists. The individualist anarchists, though perhaps the fewer in numbe ...r Yarros, one of its foremost American representatives; and a statement of anarchist communism, by Pierre Krapotkin, perhaps its most distinguished representati
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  • to show ignorance of human nature. All which led Malthus Jr. to another series of reflections. What he called Positive Checks on population — those whic ...nsive with Malthus' literary activity. (He had, indeed, written an earlier pamphlet called The Crisis, in defense of Pitt's administration; but, by his father'
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  • ...States, and, being questioned constantly as to the difference between the Anarchist and Socialist philosophies, felt the need of a treatise that would explain The Anarchist type of social structure is the industrial type, and for it the true indust
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  • ...James, “[[C. L. James to A. J. S]],” ''Lucifer the Light-bearer'' (New Series) 4, no. 5 (April 30, 1886). ** [[Why He is an Anarchist]]. The Milwaukee Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) Wednesday, September 08, 1886; p
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  • ...o the ''Indiana Statesman'', New Harmony (Feb 1 1845; March 7 1846); and a series of engravings: July 4; Aug 16; Oct 11; Dec 27 1845; Jan 31; Feb 14, 1846. ...Equitable Commerce]]: Showing the Workings, in Actual Experiment, During a Series of Years, of the Social Principles Expounded in the Works Called "Equitable
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  • ...rticles, some of which were reprinted and belong to the most widely spread Anarchist pamphlets. All these periods of meetings, movements, and arrests are usuall ...n writing a book which I shall call 'The Social Revolution: Thoughts of an Anarchist,'or something similar. This takes more of my time than I care, but I want t
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  • == First Series == # A talk about anarchist communism between two workers. San Francisco : Free Society Pub. Co., 1898.
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  • series of pen-portraits, what manner of men the engagement with Cabet, in the form of a series of
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  • ...tgart in 1895, together with the " Positive Outcome of Philosophy." Of the series dealing with economics, only the first seven letters appeared in print, in ...ested in these last three letters of the economic series than in the first series which is philosophical. For my part, I think more of the logical than the e
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  • the art of bleeding a client, was devoting himself to writing his first pamphlet, entitled, "A Deist's Reply to the Alleged Supernatural Evidences of Christ ...ition to it would have been far more radical that Garrison's. Besides this pamphlet Mr. Spooner wrote two others in connection with the anti-slavery conflict,
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  • THE ANARCHIST FEDERATION OF NEW YORK ...the unemployed, organized by the Federation, has proven very successful. A series of such meetings are now in preparation, with the object of carrying on a s
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  • ...rk City have, therefore, combined into an organization, to be known as the Anarchist Federation. 4. An Anarchist Home, i. e. hall, club, and library.
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  • Communist-Anarchism (or Anarchist-Communism) is an attempt to blend authority and freedom. Its adherents beli ...riter, in 1832. In 1849, Col. William B. Greene, of Massachusetts, wrote a series of newspaper articles, afterward gathered and published under the title, Mu
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