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  • ...the Negro, who lives more degraded, if possible, and invidiously excluded from all but the most servile occupations, in the Northern than in the Southern ...he Negro continuing slave—rudely transported or marched off in handcuffs from his native home by speculators, his family divided and dispersed, without a
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  • somehow off his base. And yet he is no fool. In fact, he is far enough from being a fool. And yet — and yet — why doesn't he see how absurd and foo ...k and seated themselves in a cool, shady spot by Walden Pond, well removed from where the noisy Prohibitionists are holding their "picnic " and preaching t
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  • ...t. But to be able to recognize that every act of the child is necessitated from within, is extremely difficult. And yet, every true and earnest educator kn ...n, the human—as well as the rational— thing would be to save the child from too serious consequences. I simply mean that the child should be allowed to
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  • .... Thousands of our comrades are suffering in prison or are driven homeless from one country to the other. Free speech—almost the only part of British lib ...all explain how the very nature of the State prevents anything good coming from it. What does the State do? It protects the rich and their ill-gotten wealt
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  • == from ''The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform'' == ...eration, provided it be voluntary, they would have all organization spring from the individual.
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  • ...r merits may be. I will also try not to repeat what I put forward in other articles in years gone by as possible means of increasing the activity of Anarchists ...als of earlier Communism, the manifold workings of present-day solidarity, from which new forms of future Communism may develop—all this in the teeth of
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  • ...among others, impinging upon others, but nowhere separate, nowhere exempt from the same necessity that acts upon all other centers of force,—it is by no Anarchism, alone, apart from any proposed economic reform, is just the latest reply out of many the past
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  • === Articles === * [[The Argument from Design]]. Boston Investigator, (Boston, MA) Wednesday, November 15, 1871; p
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  • ...e uttermost significance of the awakenings of revolt, he personally shrank from the unpleasantness of active struggle with the powers that be. ...antly precipitated upon him. A frequent comment among the readers of these articles was, "James is a walking ’cyclopedia." And such he really was; for it see
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  • ...o build a reservoir big enough to keep the monster in. Then will strangers from all ends of ...bor; and the city became a desolation, like Babylon and Tyre.—Translated from the Iapygiann, by C. L. James.
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  • and Free Society, from a number of friends, and a few a girl, lived with her father, a Mr. Meserve, from whom
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  • secure from injury as long as he injures others. We all wish to be free from injury. I crave for freedom. I see that others want the same condition, and ...ld add much to the world’s stock of art, poetry and music, are prevented from so doing by the hard necessities that surround them, and I see that Anarchy
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  • ...e ourselves because someone conceived a different plan of free association from ours? Why, since no one can know a perfect method, nor even act always acco [[Category:Articles from "Mother Earth"]]
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  • From the fanatic terrorist with his bomb to the philosophical professor with his ...human life, even if some disorder, hardship and material waste did result from spiritual preoccupation and rapid forward change.
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  • * From hill-terrace outlooking: poems of perception, intuition and ..., 1939. == Articles ==
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  • [[Category:Articles from "Mother Earth"]]
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  • ...through the post, except the few copies that were sent abroad, he took it from house to house himself, over the hills of Kristiania!—he, a consumptive, flag. The chief of police directed a subordinate to take the flag away from him. Easily enough done, but not, as an evidence of unwilling submission, b
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  • * '''Holmes, Lizzie M. “[[A Gift from His Employes]].” ''The Tailor'' 12, no. 11 (June 1902): 4–6.''' * '''Holmes, Lizzie M. “[[Society Notes from the People's Quarters]].” ''The Blacksmiths Journal'' 8, no. 9 (September
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  • ...e will had been so strong to bloom, that in the hour of its sudden cut-off from the feeding earth, it sent the last sap to its blossoms; and, not waiting f ...ts: “I shall shape thee.” In truth we know that directly the body goes from before the mirror, the transient image is nothingness; but the real body ha
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  • ...derwent a change. Pierre Loti, after a visit to India, was a different man from the one who started out on the quest the previous year. ...on.</ref> You may not find the solution of the riddle, but you will return from an interesting excursion into the invisible world with new vistas of life.
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