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  • ...e sprayed with a copper spray for protection against disease. They do not, in my garden at least, need any arsenical spray for protection against biting ...t a mere matter of form. Some say it burns the leaves. Perhaps my using it in the dew protects me against that--at least I have no such complaint to make
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  • Martin and Bee-Martin Very Different. ...s drones, queens, and roscbugs, and drives away the enemies of small birds in general; so that it is a good neighbor except where there is queen-rearing,
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  • ...e idea of any activity at all, but simply of taking an attitude or staying in an attitude, while "resist" necessarily expresses the idea of an activity d ...very misdeed is paid off. but bear petty outrages without setting yourself in opposition. It is very important to note that all Jesus' instances are of p
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  • ...t, will not the super-springs prevent any open space for propolis anywhere in the breadth except around the springs themselves outside of the last fence? ...ed. When the sections are closely squeezed together there will not be much bee-glue deposited between the contact edges, for the simple reason there is no
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