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  •, while it is by no means the only, is, nevertheless, the most important from a purely economic standpoint. This factor is the monopoly—the holding out ...andicapped by the single fact that he has no place to sleep and no shelter from the weather, without paying some landlord for such benefits, and that he ha
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  • ...arning are not to be found with the multitude. But it must not be inferred from this that it is always wrong, nor is an opinion to be opposed for the simpl ...ited by its being a relic of the past. It performs a duty to society apart from any question of age, a duty which gives it a hold upon the regard of the ri
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  • ...thing better than our political arrangements can by any possibility evolve from present conditions. To these, there is no higher test of right than the vot ...y please? If not, what is the limit to its authority? And the answer comes from the chief of the philosophers of recent years,—with all his faults, the p
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  • ...any other, and than all others, if we had but the ability to pick him out from the rest. ...and meanest political expediencies, or, still worse, conclusive arguments from the powerful, because rich, parties who are demanding privileges through le
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