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  • ...f the extreme Radical wing in France, and a member of the Corps Legislatif from 1848 to 1851. He was born in 1816, at Arbresle, in the Department of the Rh ...ood of comrades they knew not why! Ah! I have never forgotten those scenes from hell; they come to me again and again, and I ask, What has become of the ma
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  •, through ideas of truth, puts forth benign and beautiful creative power from everlasting to everlasting; ...iverse—through souls receiving inspiration of love and truth and beauty, from God—through powers of rational volition, and in intercourse with fellow-s
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  • ...until all clearly imaginable varieties of delight pall on the five senses from repetition. Sickness will be unknown. Death itself will be only a welcome, ...crime. Abolish this horrid injustice; take the lead in delivering mankind from the religious, political, and moral "Hell" in which they have always been t
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  • ...old and Silver: and yet such places dreyne away the said species {{p|124}} from the other that Court it, as the only reall good thing for a Countrey. ...countrey, and of this in perticular [Commuting only the Fund of the First from (but) an Imaginary being or presence of the species of Gold and Silver mone
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  • ...rom those concerned, or be condemned to accept a governmental bill of fare from those not concerned. For my part, sooner than have a meddlesome bureaucracy It is possible I might learn something from that.
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  • ...e greatest damage proceeds not so much from the opposition of prejudice as from the profession of ignorance. ...t denied authority; it would be free from men because it could not be free from self; with the light of a widening infinite in its eyes, it denied the supr
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  • [[Josiah Warren]]. '''"A Letter from Josiah Warren."''' ''[[Mechanics' Free Press]]'', May 10, 1828, p. 2 A LETTER FROM JOSIAH WARREN
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  • ...ixed with a tinge of sadness from the fear of your ultimate disappointment from a cause apparently too subtle for ready detection. This was, that in resist to the greatest practical extent; and instead of threatening dissenters from political creeds with “the fate of traitors,” the true statesman will s
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  • ...nce is good--subject only to a quantitative calculation in order to obtain from the given forces the maximum of useful effect. And to the contrary is evil, persecutors like the Christ of legend, still make good from evil. Apart from the evil that they do to themselves, which must count for something, they c
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  • demand, or in specie, with interest from the time of specie, with interest from the time of demand; or,
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  • (3) The Supreme creates Himself to Himself in eternity; for, from eternity to eternity, he realises Himself to Himself. He is that which crea ...detail, as in the whole mass, his threefold glories. The human Ego ''is'' from eternity to eternity. Though it depends for its ''being'' upon the nature o
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  • ::To thy sweet voice that droppeth from above; [[Category:Articles from "The Present"]]
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  • ...tant to be known though he will in all probability, be farther and farther from realizing his abstraction, if he proceed scientifically in his investigatio ...ties. For the former no better method can be adopted than to give extracts from the book, to which particular attention is solicited.
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  • ...d, and which we believe is calculated at length to emancipate human nature from all tyranny, political, spiritual or mental. rendered them fit instruments to attempt the conquest of their race. From hunting beasts they
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  • has obvious kinship with the English garden city. It is differentiated from the English plan to adapt it more closely to American conditions and needs. ...y also pass through it just inside the rear wall. Thus, the heat radiation from the main will not be wholly wasted.
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  • ..., so why form another organization? Third, we must stand outside and aloof from all such organizations for fear of becoming demoralized and compromizing th ...r based upon the principle of free cooperation. This is entirely different from English and American trade unionism, and yet as we have stated, Syndicalism
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  • somehow off his base. And yet he is no fool. In fact, he is far enough from being a fool. And yet — and yet — why doesn't he see how absurd and foo ...k and seated themselves in a cool, shady spot by Walden Pond, well removed from where the noisy Prohibitionists are holding their "picnic " and preaching t
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  • ...t. But to be able to recognize that every act of the child is necessitated from within, is extremely difficult. And yet, every true and earnest educator kn ...n, the human—as well as the rational— thing would be to save the child from too serious consequences. I simply mean that the child should be allowed to
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  • (from ''The Index'', 1877) ...tom of our old civilization is fallen out. This, then, is the shorter cut. From the instant this happens—it has already happened in the small way, and it
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  • ...have adopted with him the same course which so well serves me with others from whom I differ. In this evolutionary epoch, one cannot go far wrong, if he b (Farewell dinner to Francis Ellingwood Abbot, on retiring from the editorship By George William Curtis)
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