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  • By Harry Kelly. ...are compared to the German who suddenly awoke to the existence of a writer by the name of Goethe. Second, the Industrial Workers of the World are already
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  • By [[Harry Kelly|H. Kelly]]. Second,—If a theory which, after thirty years' active work by such an able man as Benj. R. Tucker, can show nothing better than one small
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  • to kill the President of the United States, elected as that official is by a majority of the voting population, in accordance with our political insti ...hysical force, does it expect still to be opposed by reason and waved back by olive branches?" Not at all, Mr. Walker. It is true Czolgocz drew the sword
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  • * Joseph H. Allen, “[[Current Literature—The Principles of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer]],” The Radical Review 1, no. 2 (August 1877): 352. * Stephen Pearl Andrews, “[[Address by Stephen Pearl Andrews to His Fellow-Citizens on the Situation]],” The Ind
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  • == Works == * Harry Kelly, “[ American Libe
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  • By Hippolyte Havel. ...fathom the mystery by means of the ancient wisdom of India as interpreted by the Brahmins or their theosophic disciples. Alas! the search is vain. The p
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