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  • * Joseph H. Allen, “[[Current Literature—The Principles of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer]],” The Radical Review 1, no. 2 (August 1877): 352. * Stephen Pearl Andrews, “[[Address by Stephen Pearl Andrews to His Fellow-Citizens on the Situation]],” The Ind
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  • By [[Hippolyte Havel]]. ...hat the attack upon his life was the result of the accusations against him by an inimical press demonstrates the peculiar naivity of our reformers. Blind
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  • By Hippolyte Havel. ...eart such a responsive echo as those expressed—most of them in silence—by the simple workers in the Anarchist movement, the men who are neither write
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  • ...on. Whatever it was, they went. And the inevitable followed. They were met by the police, who began brutally clubbing the people. Some resented this with In the meantime the city administration has overstepped itself by indiscriminate interference with all manner of meetings, and the reaction a
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  • By Hippolyte Havel. ...fathom the mystery by means of the ancient wisdom of India as interpreted by the Brahmins or their theosophic disciples. Alas! the search is vain. The p
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