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  • [[Samuel Leavitt]]. '''"A Fair Exchange No Robbery."''' ''The Phrenological Journal and Scie ...of the readers of the {{Small-caps|Phrenological}} who have been befogged by similar impracticable theories.—S. L.]
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  • [[Samuel Leavitt]], "A Hotel and Cottage Association," ''[[The American Socialist]]'', Jan 3 We were tempted, contrary to our better judgment, by the offer of Mr. Daniel’s place, to essay a big, sudden movement. I trust
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  • ...Science of Health, Aug 1880. Vol. 71, Iss. 2, p. 72-76. The author, Samuel Leavitt, was an associate of Joshua King Ingalls and George Jacob Holyoake. His wor I should apologize perhaps to Mr. Samuel Leavitt, for not mentioning his name before. But he has been met on so many differe
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  • * Joseph H. Allen, “[[Current Literature—The Principles of Sociology. By Herbert Spencer]],” The Radical Review 1, no. 2 (August 1877): 352. * Stephen Pearl Andrews, “[[Address by Stephen Pearl Andrews to His Fellow-Citizens on the Situation]],” The Ind
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