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  • {{ShawnP.Wilbur}} ...e, so that the state gradually withers and the political realm is absorbed by the economic realm.
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  • Shawn P. Wilbur by the time he's done with Derrida, just how far this critique can be taken, h
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  • ...escaped by the fear that he ostensibly spreads. He is ordinarily cuckolded by one of those who applaud his saber-ratting, and assure him that he alone kn ...e can give no care; he is forced to close his eyes to those cares rendered by a discrete family friend.
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  • ...{small-caps|Anarchy is Order.}}<ref>From a journal started in Paris (1850) by a disciple of Proudhon, A. Bellegarigue, under the title: "Anarchy, a Journ ...upe the people, and, on the other, that I have been too shrewd to be duped by the ambitious.
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  • ...rant, abandoned, and betrayed, makes towards good honors him immeasurably. By what right should God still say to me: Be holy, for I am holy? Lying spirit ...ism within me? Why have you submitted me to the torture of universal doubt by the bitter illusion of the antagonistic ideas which you have put in my mind
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  • ...a (New York), in a cold glen in the Adirondack mountains, and there, aided by his courageous wife and his ten children, he began to clear the soil and te, instead of being possessors of their land and of the products obtained by their pains, were on the contrary beasts of burden, bought and sold, being
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  • [[Category: Translations by Shawn P. Wilbur]] [[Category: Works by Ernest Coeurderoy]]
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  • ...fore the splintering of the International, before Haymarket and propaganda by the deed. It is, therefore, associated in its origins with a kind of scient ...est of the broad socialist movement, and to much of the culture around it, by a shared faith and optimism. We shouldn't overstate this. We're talking abo
    73 KB (12,426 words) - 22:08, 10 May 2014
  • ...yrant, now dethroned, enjoys his full product. How are products exchanged? By virtue of the principles of “equal exchange” and the “equivalence of (Working translation by Shawn P. Wilbur)
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  • ...e ''mutuality'' or ''reciprocity''. It is most closely associated with the works of [[Pierre-Joseph Proudhon]] and [[William Batchelder Greene]], early anar ...y mutualist theories of writers such as [[Kevin A. Carson]] and [[Shawn P. Wilbur]]. Every attempt will be made in developing these entries to obscure neithe
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  • BY book by a proletarian. The questions that it treats have thus far—and by design—been forced back into the shadows and silence.
    61 KB (10,351 words) - 11:47, 23 March 2018
  • ...n]] in English translation. It is edited by [[Shawn P. Wilbur]], published by [[Corvus Distribution]] and affiliated with the [[Collective Reason]] colla ...tuity of Credit [not included in origin edition; with additions translated by Roderick T. Long] [5012]
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  • ...t. It is generally acknowledged that Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was influenced by Charles Fourier, whose ''Le Nouveau Monde Industriel et Sociétaire'' Proud elements, according to their differences. Thus, pear-growers are united by a passion for pears, but separate into sub-groups according to their pear-p
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  • BY ...that I serve; for if you are just and seek only truth, as I suppose, moved by the decline of the artisans, you will be on my opinion.
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  • ...eminar]]. Please do not copy or cite without permission. ]''' [[User:Shawn|Shawn]] 01:54, 19 August 2008 (UTC) [[Category: Works by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon]]
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  • :We see you each day by your polemic :And, bourgeois by nature and by instinct bourgeois,
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  • <div align=center>by [[Anselme Bellegarrigue]]</div> does not know, and I declare that I have not the honor of being known by the men who govern me.
    78 KB (13,521 words) - 18:27, 10 May 2014
  • ...ies today that the Christians, revolutionaries who fought by testimony and by martyrdom, were men of progress. They were also conservatives. ...nciple of corruption and enslavement. Humanity was lost, when it was saved by the Christ, who received for that glorious mission the double title of ''Sa
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  • by Jesse Cohn and Shawn Wilbur What is now being called “postanarchism” by some
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  • ...annot abide the insolence of the man who, his feet on ground he holds only by a free concession, forbids you passage, prevents you from picking a bluet i ...d Paris, which block the view of the country and the enjoyment of the soil by the poor pedestrian, I feel a violent irritation. I ask myself whether the
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