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Bibliography (in-progress and very incomplete)

Works by Stephen Pearl Andrews:

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  • ---. .
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  • (.) THE PRIMARY PHONOTYPIC READER. New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1847.
  • (.) The Phonographic Word-Book Number One. New York, 1849. [OBERLIN - no info]

Works Published by Andrews & Boyle:

  • Christ's Sermon on the Mount, in Phonography. New York: Andrews & Boyle, 1848. [12 pages]
  • COMPENDIUM OF PHONOGRAPHY, on a single sheet, containing a condensed view of the system.
  • ELEMENTS OF PHONOGRAPHY, a Chart, containing the simple Alphabet, with explanations.
  • FIRST LESSONS IN PHONOGRAPHY, a small chart, containing the simple alphabet, with explanations, and a page of easy monosyllables, written in the Phonographic characters, intended to be sold or gratuitously distributed by teachers and lecturers as an introductory lesson or lecture.
  • PHONOGRAPHIC CHART, No. I., for teachers and lecturers. This is a large chart, four feet square, containing the simple alphabet. It is intended to be hung up within sight of a large class, whle being drilled on the elements of Phonography.
  • PHONOGRAPHIC CHART, No. I., for teachers and lecturers. This is also a large chart, containing a number of simple words, on which a class should be drilled, at its first and second lessons.
  • PHONOTYPIC CHART. This is a large chart, containing the small letters of the Phonotypic alphabet, for the use of teachers and lecturers.

Periodicals Edited by Stephen Pearl Andrews:

  • (Ed.) The American Phonographic Journal, I, No. 1 (January, 1846)-I, No. 2 (February, 1846). [STATE LIBRARY OF OHIO]
  • (Ed.) The Anglo Saxon, I, No. 1 (December 5, 1846)-II, No. 17 (February 1, 1850).
  • (Ed.) La Aurora, I, No. 1 (November 22, 1845). [English-Spanish]
  • (Ed.) The Propagandist [later, The Phonetic Propagandist], 1, No. 1 (November 6, 1850)-11, No. 26 (November 17, 1852).
  • (And John W. Leonard [eds.].) The American Phonographer, 1, No. 1 (June, 1851)-1, No. 4 (September, 1851).

Phonographic Reports, etc. (as "S. P. A.")

  • We are just through with one of the most soul stirring conventions here, in North Adams, that I have yet attended in the State of Massachusetts (Editorial) S. P. A. Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle Wednesday, July 31, 1844; pg. 56; Issue 14; col D
  • Mr. Leavitt,—The following is an extract of some interest from a letter just received from a friend in Louisiana (News) S. P. A. Emancipator and Weekly Chronicle Wednesday, April 09, 1845; Issue 50; col F
  • Thirty-First Congress--First Session (News) S. P. A. The North star (Rochester, NY) Thursday, June 27, 1850; Issue 27; col A
  • Proceeding in the Senate---New Mexico---Col. Monroe, &c. (News) S. P. A. The Ripley Bee (Ripley, OH) Saturday, July 13, 1850; Issue 7; col C
  • Colored Seamen in South Carolina—Complimentary Thunder (News) S. P. A. The Liberator (Boston, MA) Friday, September 20, 1850; pg. 150; Issue 38; col A
  • From Washington The California Senators in Their Seats—Gov. Seward Stirring up the Animals—The Backing down of the Heroes … (News) S. P. A. The Liberator (Boston, MA) Friday, September 27, 1850; pg. 154; Issue 39; col A
  • Sketch of the Senate and Retrospect of Its Action--Miniature Likenesses of Legislators (Editorial) S. P. A. Emancipator & Republican (Boston, MA) Thursday, October 17, 1850; Issue 25; col B
  • A Curious Group! (Editorial) S. P. A. The Daily Ohio Statesman Thursday, October 24, 1850; Issue 979/880; col B
  • The Storming of Stony Point (Weather report) J. L. De Nogelles, Corresponding Secty S. P A. The New York Herald (New York, NY) Sunday, July 12, 1857; col B

UNPUBLISHED [from Stern]

Andrews Papers. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Four Boxes. These include:

  • "Address to the Inhabitants of the USA and of the World at Large upon the Slavery Question." Box 1.
  • "Address to the People of the United States of America." Box 4.
  • "Autobiography." Box 2.
  • "Constitution and By-Laws of the Pantarchal University." Box 1.
  • "First Sequential Exposition of the Constitution of the Pantarchy." Box 1.
  • "Fragments." Box 4.
  • Letter to Mary E. Tillotson, from New York, June 11, 1884. Box 1.
  • "Love Marriage and the Condition of Woman." Box 4.
  • "Possibility of a Universal Language." Box 3.
  • "A Private Chapter of the Origin of the War." Box 2.
  • "Sciento-Philosophy or the Philosophy of the Sciences: An Essay at Ultimate Solutions." Box 3.
  • "The Social Organism. Lecture Delivered before the Manhattan Liberal Club, New York, September 1, 1882." Box 1.
  • "Sociological Comparology." Box 3

"Death Certificate, May 21, 188G." City of New York, Department of Health, Bureau of Records and Statistics. Letters to Henry Edger, from New York, August 6, 1872; August 14, 1872; September 9, 1872. Maison d'Auguste Comte, Paris, France. Letters to Theodora Freeman Spencer, 1880-1883, and undated. In Alwato. Collection of Mrs. Muriel Streeter Schwartz, New York City. Letter to Isaac Pitman, from New York, May 14, 18S1 Sir James Pitman Collection, London, England. Letter to John Quincy Adams, from London, July 18, 1843. The Adams Papers, Letters Received, April-August, 1843, Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts. Letter to W. W. Swain, November 29, 1844. Deed Records, Harris County, Texas, Vol. J. Letter to William Lloyd Garrison, from New York, September 20, 1855. Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts. (And Augustus French Boyle.) "Elements of Phonography." Penciled Phonographic Copy Book. Manuscript Division, New York Public Library, New York City. "Stephen Pearl Andrews vs. M. R. Gray." Decree, May 10, 1844. Cause No. 1167. General Minutes of the 11th District Courts of Harris County, Texas.

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